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When Ethics and Integrity Get in the Way of Making Money

I originally posted this on my other blog,  But I feel it is important, so I really want to get the word out, and I am posting this on all my blogs. My Daddy once said to me, the only thing you have, that no one can ever take away from you, is your […]

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10 Rules For Startups

Misanthropy Today writes a humorous and informative response to Jason Calcanis and Mark Cuban’s posts about rules for startups. Not only is this a funny look at startups… there is a lot of wisdom here! read more | digg story

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Goals That Deliver Results

Goals That Deliver Results – Set And Pursue Four Types Of Goals To Achieve Champion Results By Jon L Iveson When I interact with corporate and individual clients, I find that the vast majority of people understand and truly believe in the power of goal setting. However, most people do not effectively implement goal setting […]

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