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A Lesson In Prosperity From The Little Parrot For Business Professionals and Entrepreneurs
By Angela Baden

I first heard the story of the Little Parrot a few years ago. It comes out of Buddhist tradition and is a striking example of the power of determination and the power of the mind to move the universe. As a marketing professional you can harness this same power to build your business and enjoy prosperity. Here it is:

A small and beautiful parrot lived in a great forest with many animals. One day the forest caught fire and went out of control and threatening to engulf the entire forest. The little parrot circled helplessly above the fire until she remembered the river not so far away.

She flew to the river and dipped her wings into it. And then she flew to the forest and shook little drops of water on the flames. They sizzled away to nothing. She flew back to the river and returned again and again and again and again. Just the little drops of water that she could shake from her wings fell and disappeared in the flames. The great deities saw her from above and laughed at the absurdity of what she was doing.

But one of the gods, moved by the compassion and dedication of this little bird, changed himself into a golden eagle and began to weep. And while the little bird alone could not put out the fire, the tears of the eagle fell drowning the fire saving the forest, the animals and the little parrot herself.

This is a cute little story for children, however, it illustrates a lesson for all of us marketing professionals. Whether it is internet marketing, MLM, real estate, insurance, mortgage, or any business you’re operating from home, this lesson could ultimately influence your financial prosperity.

Let us say, for example, that things are not going as well as you hoped. You have made such efforts. You have spent money on advertising and products. You called friends and family and people you do not know to join your enterprise. You harassed co-workers to buy your products. You bought leads that led to only a few sales. You had rejection after rejection.

You listened to your upline, your trainers, and the gurus. You went to conventions watching them parade across the stage. You attended seminars and workshops. You invested lots in books, DVDs, tapes, e-books, all kinds of tools. What have you got to show for it?

You have all but given up. Your family and friends doubt you. They say you can not make any money. You are silly to to do this. It takes too much time and effort. You start to panic! You agree with them. It is impossible! You can not do it!!

What happened to your dream? You promised to make it, no matter what. However, the fire got too hot. The flames scorched your wings. The smoke was too thick. You could not see those who could be helped by you. It is so much easier to fly away. Everyone is laughing at you.The universe must be telling you it is hopeless.

Okay, Little Parrot, you have two choices. Which one will you make? Will you give up and run to safety, never knowing whether you could make it? Or, will you keep going, learning, seeking until you manifest the power within to find the right person, the right direction you need to help you make your dream come true?

I work with people everyday who want to quit after one or two or three rejections, so I relay my own story of taking the bar examination ten times before I passed and became a lawyer. What if I had quit because my circumstances stopped me? I would never have known the thrill of victory. When I left the practice of law, it was on my own terms, not because I allowed myself to be defeated.

You are an entrepreneur. If something is important to you, do not give up, no matter what it looks like. You do not know what the outcome might be, or who might be inspired by your action. Do not make any more excuses. Unleash Your Power!

Angela Baden is a former practicing attorney, teacher, real estate investor and personal chef, turned internet marketer. She is the founder of DivaBiz Enterprises and Millionaire Health Secrets. She is a student of the Master Key System and a member of The Prosperity Cast Network. She is enthusiastic about having been in the Marketing/Networking Industry for over 4 years. She shares her considerable knowledge with others to help them succeed in life and in business from home. For more information call 206-305-2120 or go to http://www.divabiz.com

Article Source: Angela Baden
A Lesson In Prosperity From The Little Parrot