Sam FreedomSometimes I get so wrapped up in making money that I forget that sometimes you should do things just because. Just because it is a nice thing to do, or just because it would be fun, or even just because someone else needs you to do it.

Then I run across someone giving something away, and I see that sometimes being generous can create its own success. That was the case today. While I was surfing the web today I came across Sam Freedom’s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog.

If you have been on Entrecard for awhile you probably know about Sam. He is not afraid to stir up a little controversy. Now he is getting a lot of attention for another reason. He is giving away free backlinks on his PR4 blog. You can get one just by leaving a quick comment. Then, he’ll give you even more links for subscribing to his feed, or blogging about the give-away. :)

From the looks of things, giving away backlinks has been very successful for Sam. There are over 80 comments on his post and he has almost 300 subscribers to his feed. Now you can never have too many PR4 backlinks, so I suggest you hope on over to Sam Freedom’s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog. and get yourself a few.

And then, because imitation is the greatest form of flattery, (isn’t that so Sam!) I am going to make the same offer here on my blog. Unfortunately, I only have a PR3, and I still have to figure out how to make the whole blog no follow free, so I can’t be quite as good.

So here it goes, comment on this post to say Thanks and include your link. Normal rules apply, not adult sites, no spam. There is one link for you.

Subscribe to my feed and I’ll add another link for you on this page.

And if you write a blog post about my site, I’ll write a quick post about your site, complete with link and anchor text. How does that sound? And just maybe, if you help me out and tell all your friends, I can get more comments on this post than Sam has on his! Wouldn’t that be fun!