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For many years I have studied success, and successful people. And one thing that comes up, over and over again, is that people do not become successful alone. Along the road to success they work with peers and mentors, friends and family, anyone who might give them a nudge up the ladder. Successful people are always networking, because no matter how good you are, there is always an obvious idea that you didn’t think of, a glaring flaw you can’t see, a fabulous customer you didn’t expect.

Blogging, by its very nature, tends to be a solitary affair. If you are an addicted blogger, like myself, you spend most of your time, typing into a computer. People in the “real” world might not even know what a blog is, and don’t even bother asking them an SEO question!

That is where Bloggeries comes in. Bloggeries is a forum for, by, and about bloggers. At Bloggeries you can ask for a blog review, find a great new theme for your blog, or help a newbie with blogging etiquette. You can request a graphic, get help tweaking your adsense, and even beg for advertising. You will find hundreds of helpful bloggers to answer your requests.

I’ve been a member of Bloggeries for months now, and it has made me a better blogger. Why don’t you check out Bloggeries now, and tell them Katalina sent you!