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Achieve Success by Giving Things Away!

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in making money that I forget that sometimes you should do things just because. Just because it is a nice thing to do, or just because it would be fun, or even just because someone else needs you to do it. Then I run across someone giving something away, […]

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A Successful Move from Blogger to WordPress

Recently I purchased The Work From Home Pro. There were a lot of things I liked about it. I liked the domain, I liked the posts all sorts of good stuff! What I didn’t like was although the domain and hosting were with GoDaddy, the blog was on a blogger platform. I am a WordPress […]

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Is Your Blog A Success?

A what point can you call your blog a success? Is it the number of visitors? When you reach a certain Google Page Rank? When you have hundreds of RSS Feed Subscribers? Or maybe you know your blog is a success when your Technorati authority is higher than your IQ! Kaushnick’s Blog, Occam’s Razor had […]

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