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Blogging Success with Bloggeries

For many years I have studied success, and successful people. And one thing that comes up, over and over again, is that people do not become successful alone. Along the road to success they work with peers and mentors, friends and family, anyone who might give them a nudge up the ladder. Successful people are […]

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When Ethics and Integrity Get in the Way of Making Money

I originally posted this on my other blog,  But I feel it is important, so I really want to get the word out, and I am posting this on all my blogs. My Daddy once said to me, the only thing you have, that no one can ever take away from you, is your […]

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Blogging Is Not a Get Rich Quick Scheme

I joined Entrecard a few weeks ago, and thanks to dropping my cards and being dropped on, I’ve been seeing many more blogs than usual. The blogs I am reading regularly now cover a wide range of topics, from parenting, to books, to funny videos. But of all these new blogs I am discovering, A […]

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