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Secrets to Start-Up Success

Do you want to take your business to the next level? But you are not sure how? With Christine Comaford-Lynch‘s Secrets to Start-Up Success Training Kit you can :

Discover Proven Strategies, Tools and Techniques to Launch Your Startup Enterprise or Sky-Rocket Your Established Enterprise by Boosting the Value of Your Company Today

Imagine your business catapulting full-throttle and operating successfully with:

  • a killer business plan
  • your dream team of employees, advisors and board members
  • optimal funding from the right sources, at your ideal terms
  • a proven plan to launch your products and services while avoiding the most common business mistakes

Sound like a dream come true? Perhaps you have something in mind for “someday”, but your plans are on the back burner as you struggle with the endless fires within your company?

It Doesn’t Have to Be That Way!

Gain the Fundamentals and Inspiration for Launching a Successful Business from Someone Who Has Achieved Her Goals by Applying These Techniques

Christine Comaford-Lynch is a serial entrepreneur who has built five of her own businesses, served as a board director or “in-the-trenches advisor” to 36 startups, and has invested in over 200 companies. She has consulted with the White House, 700 of the Fortune 1000 companies, and over 100 small businesses nationwide.

Revered by her peers as one of the rare individuals who has been on both sides of the fence; climbing up the corporate ladder to finding herself as an entrepreneur launching startup after startup, Christine understands failure and sweet success perhaps better that anyone. As a result she found herself in the unique position of respected consultant for a who’s-who roster which led to her most gratifying title today: Founder and CEO of Mighty Ventures, a startup business consultancy that helps entrepreneurs shape their businesses, secure influential advisors and board members, get funded, launch and grow rapidly.

Find out more in the Secrets to Start-Up Success Training Kit .

A lot of us think that certain special things happen only to certain special people. Christine believes that each of us create our own luck; success is absolutely in your mind.

There is a critical foundation you must build before you come close to fulfilling the 3 components of your life. With her signature “F-I-R-E-U-P!”, Christine will guide you to:

  • Embody the mind of a successful entrepreneur
  • Fight your inner critic
  • Turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones
  • Implement the formula PROBLEMS + PAIN = PROFIT
  • Fail forward
  • Practice positive target fixation
  • Find opportunities everywhere
  • See the gap between “financial equity” and “emotional equity”
  • ASK! for outrageous things

Sending you on your way with 4 steps to apply her F-I-R-E-U-P! technique, Christine will give you the confidence, motivation and tools you need to begin thinking with an entrepreneurial mindset today.

Click here to learn more about Christine Comaford-Lynch‘s Secrets to Start-Up Success Training Kit.

Plan your entrepreneurial dream today with this complete home study system that includes:

Over five hours of Christine Comaford-Lynch’s personal knowledge and business advice, indexed and labeled for simple, repetitive use. Includes discussions on business plans, teams, financing, launching, growing, overcoming obstacles, and more.
Accompanying source material, conveniently tabbed in the binder.
Business Template CD featuring source documents, that can be customized for your venture, your business plan outline, sales pipeline, lead qualification, ROI, and much more.

Click here to learn more about Christine Comaford-Lynch’s Secrets to Start-Up Success Training Kit.



Simple Success System For Daily Results

Simple Success System For Daily Results by AURELIO RAMOS

With so much to do and so little time, how in the word can I manage my time? This is probably the most paradoxical question for many of us. We all have the same 24 hours a day and the same 365 days of the year. Yet, some get so much more done in that time. How do they do it? What is their secret? Well, I know what my “secret” has been, and it has allowed me to have as much time as I want to spend with my lovely wife and my beautiful two year old son. I believe everyone should have this Simple Success System Secret, so I trust you will read on and benefit from using it yourself.

I am breaking it down into very specific questions to guide you through the process. However, before I share those questions I must state a few key components in order for this “secret” to give you maximum results.

First, you MUST write down your responses to the questions I share with you. Having the answers in your mind will NOT do it. It has been proven time and time again that just having the thoughts without writing them down are nowhere nearly as effective as putting them down on paper. There is something almost magical about putting things down on paper, it seems to be the beginning of manifesting something into reality. Think about it, everything that has every come into existence, has in some way or another made it on print, prior to it taking form. Yes, thoughts come first, but it is when those thoughts are put on paper that they really begin to take form. So, WRITE it down.

Second, this Simple Success System is much more effective when done either last thing before going to bed, or the very first thing upon arising. I trust there is some psychological scientific explanation for this. However, the one that made the most sense to me was that it is at these two times that my subconscious is most open and available at these times. Think about it for just a moment, when you go to bed, you give your subconscious mind anywhere between 5-8 hours (or more for us sleepy heads) to sort out what you are wanting to accomplish the next day. That’s a pretty long time and to top it off, it is when you are often most relaxed (allowing for an even more effective mindset). If you do it in the morning, there is that morning fog, where your analytical mind hasn’t kicked in yet, and your subconscious mind is open, available and rested. And if you’ve ever watched “The Secret” you understand that this is where you tell your subconscious mind, “This is what I want my day to look like…” and your subconscious mind will begin to do everything it can to make it so. So, how about telling it exactly what you want your day; to be like. Think of yourself as a script writer, and you are writing a script for your perfect day.

Third, use the following Simple Success System handout along with the prompts below to set yourself up for daily success. Here are your simple instructions:

  • Press here to open up and print your Simple Success System handout.
  • Consider the following questions as you complete your handout:
    - What are the top 5 highest priority professional action items.
    - What are the top 5 medium priority professional action items.
    - What are the top 5 LOW priority professional action items
    - My most important calls to make today are…
    - My most important emails to address today are…Personally
    - What are the top 5 things I am doing to take care of myself today.
    - What are my top personal relationship action items I am willing to nurture today?
    - What am I willing to do today to “Pay it forward” (or be of service)?
    - What am I grateful for today?
  • Once you’ve completed your list keep it somewhere you can see it consistently throughout the day.

The process itself should take no longer than 10 minutes. However, the “secret” to you getting the results you want is based on the following premises. First, write it down. Second, do this process in the morning upon awakening or just before going to bed. Third, put it somewhere you can see it. Finally, and most importantly, do the highest top priority things FIRST before moving onto anything else. Do this and results are guaranteed.

I trust this is of service to you and you will decide to make the use of these tools a habit. Enjoy creating your next level of success. For additional resources on health, wealth, and growth articles simply visit us at

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