Truely successful people are always learning, and I spend some time every day getting better at the things I love to do. (Like blogging!) Here are a couple of websites I have found that have helped to make me a better blogger.

Bloggeries is a forum I was visiting regularly even  before I found Project Wonderful and Entrecard! My username is Katalina, so if you drop by be sure and look for me and say Hi!  The Bloggeries forum is a daily stop for me. It is very friendly, active forum about, for, and by bloggers.  I find some of my best blogging tips there.  Plus I’ve made a few friends. is a site for  good quality bloggers to come together and collaborate on one big project. We have bloggers from all over the world, blogging about a variety of topics. I just found this site recently through Entrecard and it has become a daily read for me.

And I have to mention one of the big boys, John Chow.  Some people really don’t like John Chow’s site, but the truth is there is a lot to be learned there about becoming a successful and profitable blogger.  Make sure to download the free ebook.  Mixed in with all the affiliate links is some very useful information on how to make money with your blog.

Let me know, where do you find your best blogging tips?