Finally, I have it figured out. There is one key reason why some people succeed at blogging and others fail. The key to success? Action.
I know bloggers, myself included, who will spend hours reading about how to achieve success in blogging. They make big plans, daydream about what it would be like to be the next million dollar blogger.
They buy ebooks and systems that promise to tell them the secrets to success.
But they don’t follow through.
Success in blogging takes action, it takes work.

You have to work to write quality posts that add unique value. (Not easy to do when you are competing with millions of other websites and bloggers.)
You have to work to improve the quality of your writing. Proofread and re-write your articles so they are free of mistakes. Make sure your ideas are clear, engage your readers.

And despite all the sites that will tell you write good content and the readers will come… (not true) you have to take action to promote your blog. Post on forums, comment on blogs. Never, ever spam. Always provide value.

Success in blogging is not easy, but it is simple. Take action.

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